Why You Should Get Rid of Clutter

get rid of clutter

Reasons You Should Get Rid of Clutter

Getting rid of clutter may sound like a stressful idea to you. There are many reasons why we hang onto clutter, but there are far more positive reasons you get rid of clutter. Physical clutter can dampen your ability to live a free, happy life. Today I’m going to share some reasons why you should let go of physical clutter to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Sucks the Life out of You

There is a relationship between physical clutter and mental clutter. When you find that you have piles of items in the home that no longer serve you, your mind becomes more cluttered. Let’s face it, clutter makes your physical life appear unorganized which plays a toll on your mental capacity.

Clutter Doesn’t Define You

Sure you may have an emotional attachment to some of the clutter around your home, but this clutter doesn’t define you. The clutter you’ve been holding onto for sentimental value is clogging your home environment. You can remove the clutter and still hold precious memories in your heart and mind.

get rid of clutter

Keeps Your Focus Blurry

Clutter makes you focus on things that don’t matter, such as materialistic items versus emotional connections. You may find that you’re fixated on having more clutter rather than becoming more aware of what truly matters in life, connection and growth.

Encourages Fear

You may find that you’re so attached to the clutter as a definition for who you are that you’re paralyzed in fear. The fear that letting go of clutter will somehow make you lose your sense of self-identity. It’s important to remember that you define yourself, not your materialistic items.

Stuck in the Past

You may not realize the energy that clutter carries. These items that you’ve accumulated have their own energy that can impact your everyday thoughts and patterns of behavior. Often your clutter keeps you stuck in the past, unable to move forward for a healthier lifestyle.

Many of you are hanging onto the clutter that’s accumulated because you think of the monetary value. (Meaning the money you spent to get this clutter.) The other reasons could be an emotional attachment or the inability to know how to get rid of clutter. Regardless of why you’ve been holding onto this clutter for years, it’s time to focus on the reasons you should let go of clutter. I hope that my list will inspire you to start removing physical clutter from your life so that you can feel free of anything that holds you back from living peacefully.

If you’ve been inspired to tackle an area in your home, what area is it going to be? Where are you going to get rid of clutter first? You’ve got this!!

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