5 Things Think Tidy Can Help You With

For as long as I can remember, I have loved organizing. I have organized things in my own home for practicality sake as well as self-care. I consider organizing a form of self-care, for myself, because I just feel better when I’m immersing myself in a project. Plus, the results help me feel calmer and make everyday life things run smoother.

All that to say, organizing projects make me really excited. I especially love helping others with decluttering and brainstorming well functioning spaces.

That brings me to 5 things that I can help you with:

Help with decluttering

The key to good organization is decluttering first. Decluttering may be challenging for you, but I’m here to give you tips and tricks. Once you’ve decluttered, organizing the stuff that is left becomes way easier.

Help with organizing

I can help you with organizing! Knowing where everything is and being able to access it easily, makes daily life so much more pleasant. Once everything is organized, I can help you with a home maintenance plan to keep your systems running smoothly.

I will provide free resources

I love giving gifts. Especially practical gifts. Throughout Think Tidy, you will find helpful free printables and worksheets that will make the tasks of decluttering and organizing easier.

I will provide guide books for specific areas of the home

In addition to the free resources, I will be working on making available some affordable guides. These will be in-depth, how-to organize guide books for all areas of your home. Including the pantry area, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

Provide before and afters

Before and afters can be so inspiring! The ability to see what once looked like utter chaos, transformed into a calm, easy on the eyes, space is sure to help get you motivated. Before and afters can also help you source products that will work for your space. As well as give you ideas on how to implement well functioning systems that will bring ease to your everyday life.

I hope as you tour around Think Tidy, you will find the inspiration and how-to that you need to get your home in order once and for all.

What are you wanting to declutter and organize first?

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